Restorative Yoga and Relaxation Sessions

Feeling stressed or worn-out? Or do you simply want to optimise your sense of well-being? In Restorative yoga or one of our Guided Relaxation classes you’ll get the chance to refresh your thoughts and look at your situation with a clearer and calmer mind.

Maryline’s standard Restorative Yoga session incorporates a sequence of 4-6 postures per class, with one single aim: deep relaxation. The support of many props and blankets encourages the release of muscle tension and induces peace of mind.

The Restorative style is suitable for yoga beginners. It is recommended to anyone wishing to counter a busy lifestyle, address stress and anxiety issues, or wishing to maintain good energy levels. Restorative yoga rejuvenates and calms.

Maryline has a strong interest in Yoga Nidra practices. Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness during which the body is resting in a supported lying down position and the subconscious mind remains highly receptive to cues of letting go and achieving peace. Maryline guides you to focus on different parts of the body in turn, and invite you to relax all along. Each of our Restorative Yoga class includes Yoga Nidra.

Restorative Yoga suits beginners, as well as pregnant students (let Maryline know you are expecting) or if you are recovering from a life event, illness or experiencing Chronic Fatigue symptoms. Contact Maryline to share any health condition you have prior to attending for the first time, so she can best advise you on which class is the most suitable.

**During Autumn/Winter, Restorative yoga classes are scheduled monthly Tuesdays 8.30-9.45pm on Zoom whilst lockdown rules apply with the view to restart in-person in Jan 2021. Prebook your online session by contacting Maryline by email or text. Cost Online is £7 per session or £10 in-person.**

New from September 2020: Relax’session on Mondays 12.00-12.40. A combination of breathing exercises, mindful stretches and guided meditation to offer the perfect ‘chill-out and recharge’ break. This class is live on Zoom and recorded, so you can practice (or repeat it) anytime convenient during the week. Sign up for your first Relax’session

Ideal if you are experiencing stress or anxiety and wish to equip with techniques that will help you achieve a deeper sense of calm in those tricky situations. The practice will stimulate good energy flow to the whole body and promote rest and calm. It will leave you feel refreshed thanks to easy-to-grasp mindfulness and breathing techniques, plus Maryline’s encouragement to let go and focus on the present moment.

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