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Hey everyone,
In line with the current social distancing rules, you can now practice yoga with me from home and outdoor in parks.
Here’s the current timetable.

Your evening Restorative class is now monthly 8.30pm onwards (you can join from 9pm too). Dates are 22nd September and 13th October. The Monday Gentle Yoga class is monthly too: next date 5th October.

Feel free to join even if you have no yoga experience or haven’t practiced with me in a while. The postures are so simple and efficient to take the edge of current worries and feelings of uncertainty. You will be guided to anchor in the present moment and give your mind and body a well-deserved break. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make time for relaxation and mental rest during your lockdown days. Camera is optional for restorative and gentle yoga classes.

Baby Yoga class is taking place once a week on Tuesdays all throughout Summer. Pregnancy yoga also. New students and beginners are welcome, the practices are safe and very easy to follow. Your camera is needed for baby sessions and if you haven’t practiced yoga with me before. If you have, it’s ok to not be on camera. For pregnancy yoga, camera is optional too.

A Yoga class on Zoom can be effective and bring you a whole lot of peace and mind space, try it! One to one classes are available too. Throughout September I am offering outdoor classes at Knutsford town centre park and various South Manchester Parks.

If the baby class time doesn’t suit your little one’s routine, you can purchase a video sequence to watch & practice anytime at your leisure. The class for older babies (8 months +) is postponed until October you can also purchase a class for the interim. See the video recordings page for more details.

I hope to see you soon safe for yoga outdoor or on Zoom x

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