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Bringing up children involves great changes in life! Parents have to cope with lots of challenges, that’s why Post Natal Yoga, also called Mum and Baby Yoga, offers a therapeutic approach, enhancing healing, strength and vitality.

We alternate recuperative practices promoting ease and comfort to the body and mind, with toning exercises particularly of the core region. The practice is suitable all the same if you haven’t birthed your baby; dads, family members or carers are most welcome to attend.

The class provides movement opportunities also for babies, who are taking part and sharing a special bonding time with their parent! You can feed little one when needed. The ideal time to start is when baby is around 12 weeks old, but you can attend as soon as baby reaches 8 weeks or has gained head control. If baby is crawling already, the practice can be more challenging so the indication is to join baby yoga whilst baby isn’t yet mobile. In Knutsford, we run a special class for the babies on the move, see ‘Yoga for Mums & Tots‘.

To sign up for a Class Pass or book onto the next available sessions, please follow the following steps:
** Please note that the Knutsford/ Mobberley class is currently full, send your details to Maryline to be added to the waiting list thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused **


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Maryline will be in touch soon to confirm your space. Please note: Sessions restart on 07th and 9th Jan 2020. Course date in Manchester is 9th Jan to 13th February 2020. It is possible to join after the start date, check availability with Maryline directly by phone or email.

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