Postnatal Relaxation with Legs Up

Take time out to recharge your batteries using the most efficient resting pose of the whole yoga repertoire!
In this short 10 minute-practice, you’ll be invited to watch your breath and emphasise on energising, letting go and harmonising both parts of the breath cycle. Note the recording is purposely short, for a rapid “pick me up” effect. If time allows it, stay in the posture an extra 10 minutes (20 minutes in total) setting an alarm to finish!
Comfort, warmth & being undisturbed will make this practice extra blissful. Consider using lots of padding (mat / blankets / cushiony surface) underneath your body, head and legs.
This is set to practice without baby, however if little one is around you can sit or lie him/her on your belly and practice all the same. Enjoy!

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